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Market Intelligence


Our reports include product related Information pertaining to general market status and tendencies, permissibility for import into the North American market, ingredient and packaging analysis, direct- and indirect competition comparison, price structure build up, entry barriers, expectations of the buyers, budgets required, recommended trade shows, FSMA/FSVP impact.

The report concludes with a strategic proposal if and how to launch your assortment.

Business Development & Sales


Develop and manage your sale network through direct sales opportunities, independent brokers or hiring and managing of your full time dedicated sales team.

Organizing and staffing of your trade show participations.

Back-Office Activities


Providing you with a shared US office address, including telephone, e-mail, mailbox as well as a customer service desk / call center.

Administrative supporting activities such as order processing, AP/AR, collecting and depositing of payments on your (US) bank account.

Broker commissions, client deductions and promotion spending statements.

Supply chain services such as ocean- and air freight forwarding, coordination of US Customs and FDA/USDA clearance, drayage of your container to its final destination, cross-docking, liaison with the selected domestic warehouse and  trucking partners.

Acting as FDA agent, FSMA/FSVP log and related activities.

Corporate Governance


Incorporation and Corporate Governance of your US subsidiary, including accounting duties, tax filing coordination and all mandatory requirements on local, state and federal levels. 



Trade Channels

Over the years we gained access and experience to all of the retail channels that are present on the North American market.

We have been the driving force behind some success stories in the Foodservice segment of the market.

Since a few years we can notice quite a surge in e-commerce, which allowed our Principals to grow in a different way.

Branded vs Private Label

Both approaches to market launch and development can be supported by our services.

Product temperature

Since our start, we have been involved with exports and business development of fresh produce, proteins, dairy, frozen product categories as well as chocolates and ambient product lines.

Success Stories



Successful year round programs, seasonal in/outs , trial promotions with retail accounts such as BJ's Wholesale Club, Trader Joe's, Aldi, Stop & Shop, Cost Plus World Market, Target, Williams Sonoma ... to name a few.


Implementation of nationwide and regional programs with distributors such as Sysco, US Foods, GFS as well as with independent local distributors.

Market Intelligence

Assortment optimization and supply chain analysis advice while assisting with an acquisition project.

Close cooperation with various European Trade Consulates assisting their food exporting members.

Back-Office projects

Management of order processing and supply chain activities for multiple companies active in the bakery -, confections- and produce industry, 

Ocean freight activities into most major retailers and temperature controlled warehouses nationwide.

Corporate Governance

Coordination of the incorporation process for multiple European and Latin American based companies.

About Us

Across Foods, LLC provides a variety of business services to the food industry all across the globe, with a focus on exports from Europe into North America.


My Love for food and the 'art' of dining came natural to me growing up in Europe. I always enjoyed grocery shopping in order to look at what was new and fresh and how it was presented. 

Visiting wineries with my father during our summer vacations is another memory that will stay with me forever. 

During my teen years I started working at our local restaurants and took on an interest in food prepping and what goes into serving a menu to customers. 

As of my early professional years I had the luxury of traveling around the globe and being able to discover cuisines and cultures. 

I decided to re-direct my professional career and joined various food producers in various functions all over the world. After a few expat projects I decided to bundle my passion with my educational background together with all the business experiences acquired. over the years. 

As a result, Across Foods was established in 2006 and we are not looking back!

Hopefully we can assist you and share our passion in order to make you successful.

Michael Sas

Founder & CEO

Across Foods, LLC


Mission Statement: To provide stakeholders in the food industry with top-notch services supporting operational and commercial business development activities.

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